MICT was established on October 3, 2002 by the Bureaucratic Restructuring Act of B.E. 2545 (2002.) The Ministry had under its aegis the following agencies and state enterprises: Office of the Minister, Office of the Permanent Secretary, Meteorological Department, National Statistical Office, Software Industry Promotion Agency (Public Agency), TOT Public Company Limited, CAT Telecom Public Company Limited and Thailand Post Company Limited .


To become the ASEAN’s leader for Information and Communication Technology (ICT) development, and to be the central organization in ICT developing and integrating thoroughly Thailand with efficiency.



Strategy 1

Develop infrastructure on information and communication technology of the country comprehensively and efficiently.

Strategy 2

Develop standard system for the management and integration of information of government sector.

Strategy 3

Develop and improve law, rules and regulations, policy, and various measures on information and communication technology in order to favor the development and change on information and communication technology as well as its usage appropriately.

Strategy 4

Develop competency of personnel and promote the knowledge and understanding on information and communication technology

Strategy 5

Promote ICT research and development including development of law, innovation, policies and strategies to strengthen Thailand's ICT capabilities on global stage.

Strategy 6

Promote and support implementation of ICT to enhance quality of government management system and services to serve the public with quality and thoroughness.

Strategy 7

Develop information and communication technology system for management on security and safety of the country.


Budha is represented as being knowledge and having a greenish complexion.
He is holding a scroll on his right hand which represent knowlege in all kind,
a scimitar in his left hand represent power
and radius aroud his head represent wisdom.

A small design on top of circle frame mean to help
Budha  to gain more knowledge and the bottom represent center
of all information.


1 Suggest and administer and manage the policy on developing information and communication technology of the country to lead to concrete action.

2 Promote and encourage cooperation, domestically and abroad, in order to have efficient and comprehensive development and usage of information and communication technology in all sectors.

3 Promote, research into, and develop information and communication technology for increasing potential and competitiveness of information and communication technology industry of the country.

4 Promote and support the development of personnel performing work concerned with information and communication technology and personnel of all sectors and divisions to be able to use information and communication technology efficiently.

5 Follow up the performance under policy on developing information and communication technology.

The Meteorological Department

Named as the Water Irrigation Department in 1923, it was later established as the Meteorological Department and the Statistics of Water Preservation, the Water Irrigation Department (currently named as the Royal Irrigation Department).


The National Statistical Office
In 2002, there was an issuance of ministerial regulation on the organizational structure of the National Statistical Office, the Ministry of Information and Communication Technology by dividing the administration of the NSO into central and regional levels, and specifying the power and duties of centers, offices, divisions, and provincial statistical offices under the appropriateness of works. For additional information, please visit the website: http://web.nso.go.th/index.htm


The Telephone Organization of Thailand
TOT (Telephone Organization of Thailand) Public Company Limited was founded on February 24, 1954 by transforming from the Telephone Organization of Thailand on July 31, 2002. TOT is considered an organization that lays foundation of telecommunication system of Thailand for more than 53 years. With extensive experience, TOT is ready to provide service of one-stop telecommunication service.


The Communications Authority of Thailand
CAT (Communications Authority of Thailand) Telecom Public Company Limited is the company conducting business on telecommunication both domestically and abroad. CAT Telecom Public Company Limited registered into public company on August 14, 2003 with the starting capital of 10,000 million Bahts.


The Software Industry Promotion Agency
SIPA (Software Industry Promotion Agency) was founded on September 23, 2003 under the Royal Decree on the Establishment of the National Software Industry Promotion Agency (Public Organization) B.E. 2546 (2003) with main mission of operation of SIPA which is considered a new dimension of the software industry development of Thailand in many aspects as from developing personnel of good quality by providing knowledge, training skill, and increasing ability in producing software, promoting the employment to respond to the trend of change and growth of global software industry including the development of software market both domestically and abroad.